What's New at MCCOGS

What's New

  • This year MCCOGS will have a space at the Zane's Trace Commemoration June 16th, 17th, 18th. We will have interesting displays, our talking ancestors, a space to get you started with basic research, and We will be having a reunion for First Families of Muskingum County Saturday between 1 and 4 pm. This reunion is open to the public and is for anyone who has, believes they may have or wants to know if they have an family in Muskingum County. Not sure if you do, come down anyway and we will get you started in finding out!Click here for more information

  • A new publication entitled "Before Dillon: Memories of the Lost Villages of Irville, Nashport, and Pleasant Valley" is now available. This 169-page soft cover book focuses on the lives and locations changed by the damming of the Licking River and formation of the Dillon Reservoir. It contains pictures and personal interviews with people who lived during that time period.

  • MCCOGS' Market Place

    We have added a new page called "MCCOGS' Market Place." It is a place where we can offer a limited number of items for sale as well as an online membership payment method. It is powered by PayPal so your transactions are secure. You can find the page in our Online Resources index or by clicking HERE.

  • MCCOGS' New Blog Presence

    MCCOGS has introduced a new Blog. This blog will be an olio--a hodgepodge--of topics: Family stories, township and village history, photos and other illustrations, research tips and resources, and so on. Readers' suggestions for topics, as well as your contributions are welcome.

  • Norris Schneider WWII Muskingum County Veterns Archive

    The Norris Schneider WWII Muskingum County Veterans Archive chronicles the heroic military service of the men and women of Muskingum County in World War II. Records are categorized alphabetically by last name.

    A gentleman, scholar, and local historian who contributed a wealth of information to our individual stories as well as the story of us is Norris Schneider. Most of us are familiar with the vast library of articles, research and books he wrote about our area and our people. Recently, another scholar, teacher, and historian, - Dr. Lorle Porter - facilitated the public library becoming the custodian for an amazing resource that truly is a treasure.

    A special thank you to the library system's Emerging Technology Department headed by Sean Fennell who scanned all of the cards and organized them in an archive so we can share this information with genealogists and other interested people - in Muskingum County and around the world.

  • Access to Newspaper Archives is now available from the Muskingum Library System online resources. This is a great resource for any Genealogist and includes newspapers from all over the country.

  • MCCOGS Library Inventory has been added to the public archives. It includes an index of all the genealogy printed resources available at the MCCOGS Library including the listing of the Family History files found there. While it is not a digital access to these resources, it helps in finding what is available before making the trip to the library.

  • Jan 2014 - We are pleased to announce the release of a new book about the devastating 1913 Flood at Zanesville, Ohio.

    "Warning! High Water Ahead" A photographic History of the Great 1913 Flood at Zanesville, Ohio.

    A Slide Show presentation and Book signing by the author Tom Brown took place November 9th at the John McIntyre Library. Some books were sold at that time. Anyone wanting to reserve a copy should send a check for $25.00 Plus $5.00 S&H to the MCCOGS address:

    Post Office Box 2427
    Zanesville, OH 43702-2427
    (740) 453-0391 ext.139

    Please include your name, address and phone number and where to send the book if different than your home address.

  • Dec 2013 - Our User Submitted Files Archive has been renamed to the "MCCOGS Public and Private Genealogy Files". This section includes Newsletter Archives as they are digitized. There are newsletters available for reading from 1976 to the present and those that are missing will be added over time.

  • Nov 2013 - We have added a new program to the library to manage the transcriptions that have been made available from the Cemetery Project. Visitors to the library can use the program to search for graves throughout the county. As of Nov 2013, we have 39 cemeteries in the database with more being added as the transcriptions are complete. The indexs of those that have been completed are available in the MCCOGS Public and Private Genealogy Files are and can be viewed by everyone, not just MCCOGS members. They include the names of those whose stones have been transcribed as well as direction information on the cemetery.

  • Oct 2013 - Since we are revisiting all cemeteries in the county, we have updated the GPS coordinates of all the cemeteries and you can find them by using the Muskingum Cemetery Map. The map not ony allows you to see where the cemeteries are but also provides links to other site transcriptions if they are available such as those on the Muskingum OHGenWeb site and Find-A-Grave.

  • Sep 2013 - Cemetery Transcription Project - Volunteers needed! We invite all local genealogists to assist in this project to update all the county cemetery transcriptions under the direction of Leila Young.

  • Aug 2013 - We have added a new category to our Publications Page. "Newspaper Abstracts" includes many Muskingum Newspapers abstracts from 1938-1957.