Muskingum Co., Ohio Families & History 1803 - 2003.

Muskingum Co., Ohio Families & History 1803 - 2003 is no longer available. All copies have been SOLD OUT and at this time there is no plans for more editions to be printed.

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Muskingum Co., Ohio Families & History 1803 - 2003, was compiled and published in 2005 by the Muskingum County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogy Society. It is a collection of biographies of local families written by those that are researching them. In early 2004, the project was announced and biographies were collected throughout the year. In 2005 the deadline for submissions was reached and the work of compiling the book began. It was a long process with the final book being delivered in the middle of December 2005.

The book is a wonderful resource of information and as a further benefit for those that may not have purchased a copy and are thinking of it, what is found here is a complete index of the surnames found in the book including the page numbers. As you will find, many surnames have been included in more than one biography. The only way to tell if they are related is to view a copy of the book which is only available by visiting the library or by request.