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MCCOGS is now offering direct online sales of some items. You can puchase these items by adding them to the shopping cart. You can either choose to checkout immediately or return and add more items to your cart. When ready to check out, just click on the link to "View Shopping Cart" in the Index. You can use any electronic payment method you want such as your credit card or bank debit card. Payments are secured by PayPal Financial Services.

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  • CEMETERY BOOK - Brush Creek Township, Muskingum

    CEMETERY BOOK - Brush Creek Township, Muskingum

    This is a new compilation of the Brush Creek Township cemeteries printed in 2017.

    Price $12.00
    Ohio Sales Tax $0.87
    Shipping $5.00

  • Heritage Farms of Muskingum County

    Heritage Farms of Muskingum County

    Heritage Farm Stories & Scenes of Farm Life PHS & MCCOGS (eds.), Printed in 2002.

    Price $15.00
    Ohio Sales Tax $1.09
    Shipping $5.00

  • Warning High Water Ahead

    Warning High Water Ahead

    A Photographic History of the Great 1913 Flood at Zanesville, Ohio by Tom Brown - Signed by Author.

    Price $23.50
    Ohio Sales Tax $1.70
    Shipping $5.00

  • Membership

    *** MEMBERSHIP ***

    Membership includes dues for all members in a household. Any dues received after October 1 of any year are credited toward the next year unless otherwise specified. Student members must be under 18 years of age and must receive the Muskingum Quarterly by email. If you are applying for or renewing a student membership, do not use this option. Instead, please fill out the membership form located here and follow the directions on the form.

    The person applying for the membership must be the same person listed on the card used for payment. If the billing address is different than the address where the MCCOGS Quarterly Newsletter is to be sent, please use the shipping address for that information. If your current membership ID is known, please include it in the shipping address after your name, example: First Name = John Q.; Last Name = Smith (123456). There are also additional fields for your phone number and email address, the latter which is necessary if you are to receive the newsletter by email which is recommended as it saves the society about $5.00 a year in postage. If you include your email address we will assume that is your preferred method to receive the newsletter.

    Price $15.00

  • MCCOGS Donations

    MCCOGS Donations

    If you would like to contribute to our organization, please free to use this option. Any and all dontions are gratefully accepted and will help us defray our operating expenses and help us purchase new equipment and resources. Donations to MCCOGS may not be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser.

    Price $Optional